Friday, May 27, 2022

Lady In Tears After She Allowed Fake ECG Branch Manager To ‘Eat’ Her Free


A Ghanaian lady has shared her regrettable experience of how a guy posed as a branch manager of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) and had a free way to sleep with her.

Narrating her ordeal in a post sighted on popular Twitter handle Accraaaaaaa, she said:

‘I met this nice guy at Kwahu during the Easter holidays. We talked and had some drinks. I told him what I di and he also told me he’s a branch manager at ECG. I instantly fell for him.We hooked up and I accepted his proposal’.


According to her, she made the move to visit the guy at his workplace.

‘I decided to visit him at his workplace one day after picking up my car at the mechanic. So, he sent me his Google location which I followed’, she said.

Upon arrival at the destination, she got to know at first hand that, the guy is an ECG prepaid vendor but not a branch manager at ECG.


She blamed herself for allowing a poor ECG prepaid vendor to ‘eat’ her for no better reason.

Watch full story in the video below.


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