Friday, December 9, 2022

Woman Insert Poison In Her V@gina To Kill Husband


A woman in Brazil has made an attempt to kill her husband by putting poison in her v@gina.

The woman who hails from Sao de Jose, Rio Preto, Brazil expected her husband, 43 years old to lick the poison and die instantly during love making session.

Video: Man shoot wife dead after she refused to give him s#x

Fortunately, the 43-year old is extra sensitive to smell.

He noticed an unfamiliar odour coming out of his wife’s private part.

The woman at this point, had absorbed almost half of the poison she intended to kill the husband with.

Very concerned, the man rushed his wife to the hospital to save her life. It was there that she confessed the plot to kill him.

ADVERTISEMENT is investigating why the woman tried to kill her hubby by putting poison in her ‘honeypot’ and invited him to have oral s#x with her.


Stay with us for the update on this developing story.


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