Saturday, September 24, 2022

Failure To Brush Your Teeth 2 Times Daily Increases Your Risk Of Heart Diseases By 70%

Experts have warned


You must brush your teeth often and it should be done at least twice in a day.

Experts have warned that most people neglect their oral care which predisposes them to heart problems.

Brushing before bed is also crucial.

People who refuse to brush their teeth at least two times daily increases their risk of developing cardiovascular disease by 70%, a new study have said.

Tooth brushing for at least two minutes was found to reduce risk of atrial fibrillation by 10% and ensure a 12% lower risk of heart failure.


In a separate study, researchers asked 682 people about their toothbrushing behaviour.


After adjusting various factors, it was observed that those who stated that they brushed once a day for less than two minutes had a three-fold increased risk compared to those who brushed their at least twice daily for least two minutes.

Lead researcher, Dr Shogo Matsui said the findings suggest poor oral health, based on daily teethbrushing behaviour, is associated with poorer heart health.


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