Saturday, September 24, 2022

What’s Going On, He Promised To Take Me Home To Meet His Parents After ‘Eating’ Me But For 6 Weeks Now His Phone Is Off?

Lady cries for help on social media


A lady is seeking advice on what to do next with her relationship with a guy who ‘chewed’ her and refused to honor marriage promise.

According to the worried lady, the guy’s phone has gone off after they made love six weeks ago.

She said the guy promised to take her home if she allowed him to sleep with her.

She opened up that ‘We had s¥x but his phone is off and it’s been six weeks already’.

‘What’s going on guys?’, she queried.

Her tweet as sighted by read:


‘He promised to take me to his home to meet his Parents after we had s¥x but his phone is off and it’s been six weeks already, what’s going on guys? 🥺’.

A social media user reacted ‘What’s going on sɛn? Can’t you see what’s happening yourself? 😂😂😂’.


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