Friday, December 9, 2022

Minister Hot After Chopping Abena Korkor–Video Drop On The Internet

Abena Korkor claims Deputy Minister was terrible in bed


Mental health promoter and socialite, Abena Korkor has updated the list of public figures and married men who she claims have had an affair with her.

As if Abena Korkor is running a free p¥s.s¥ show, she is always on fire naming and shaming all the men who have entered her sweet pot.

Her deep revelations have exposed the s3xual prowess of the big people who chopped her.

Abena’s regular updates have well informed the public that some of the men she has had encounter with are grade A p¥s.s¥ leakers while a good number of them can only be described as under one-minute men.

In her latest video, Abena Korkor revealed how a deputy minister in government chopped her at a popular lodge in Aburi.

She alleged that the minister couldn’t perform in bed despite giving him the best styles in the world.


According to Abena, the married politician checked into her DM and attempted to bribe her to keep quiet about their affair.


However, Abena Korkor reiterated said she cannot be controlled by money.


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