Friday, December 9, 2022

Pastor Caught ‘Eating’ Married Woman To Break His Fasting–Video Hit The Internet


A Ghanaian pastor is in hot waters after being caught completely naket in a married woman’s room.

He has been accused of having the intention to ‘fire’ her.

Alhough caught pants down, the man of God explained that he had no ill-motive to service the woman, knowing very well she had a husband.

He said the woman, being a staunch member of his ministry invited him over to the house to break his one-week fasting.

But that explanation didn’t make sense to the relatives who supposedly caught him red-handed in the act.

They gave the pastor some dirty slaps over the false narration.


We are unable to confirm if the pastor was indeed going to chop the woman or it is a planned video just to disgrace him.


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