Friday, December 9, 2022

Nigerian Man Arrested In India For Cheating On 300 Women And Defrauding Them


A Nigerian man identified as Garuba Galunmje has been arrested by the police in India on the charge of duping at least 300 women under pretext of marriage.

Galunmje, 38 allegedly befriended the women through multiple social media platforms and matrimonial websites, where he introduced himself as a Canadian citizen.

According to report, police cybercrime unit arrested the accused in his base in the Kishan Garh area of South Delhi.

One woman who fell prey to Galunmje’s tricks had lodged a complaint with the police.

Officials said ‘The accused has been arrested in connection with a complaint from a woman who lives in Meerut district of UP. She claimed that she had registered herself on Jeevansathi website for marriage. A man approached her through the website and introduced himself as Indo-Canadian NRI Sanjay Singh’.

‘The man eventually gained her confidence and made emotional appeals as he tricked her into transferring Rs 60 lakh in multiple instalments into his various bank accounts before she realised the fraud’.


India Police stated that they picked up Galunmje and upon interrogation they discovered that ‘There are over 300 women who he had targeted through various popular websites and cheated of crores.


‘On social media and matrimonial websites, he used profile pictures of smart-looking men and not his own in order to dupe women’. SOURCE:


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