Friday, December 9, 2022

Hide Your Husbands Because We’re Coming Home–‘Spoilt’ SHS Girls Warn Married Women(Video)


5 final year Senior High School girls have released a video to warn women to hide their husbands and partners as they vacate from school.

SHS will be on vacation in a few days and the girls already have plans of how they will spend the holidays.

In a video widely circulated online, the young girls boldly declared that they will have fun with people’s husbands when they get home.


‘Dear mothers and wives, we have a special announcement for you’, they said ‘Be informed that SHS girls are coming home soon.Take good care of your husbands and partners, lock them up at home if you don’t want us to snatch them’.

They looked damn serious as they issued the threat on Tiktok.

Could this be a staged video to hit stardom? Watch their full tape below.




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