Friday, December 9, 2022

Sad Video: Primary School Kids Trapped In Gas Tanker Explosion On School Compound


Primary school children were caught up in a gas explosion at a water tank manufacturing company within the Kumasi Shoe factory on Friday.

A tanker was discharging LPG at the factory premises located at Atonsu Agogo in the Ashanti Region when it caught fire and exploded.

A disturbing video sighted online by showed several kindergarten school children rushing out of the school compound to safety.

Teachers and residents in the neighbourhood helped the pupils to escape the gas explosion scene.

They assisted the helpless kids to scale walls, carried some of them while urging the others to run as fast as they can during the rescue mission.

Some of the children were heard crying in the live video recorded by a young man who was part of the volunteers who helped with the evacuation.


Watch video below.


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