Friday, December 9, 2022

We Have Stopped Chewing Human Beings–Ghanaian Witches (Video)


Witches and wizards in Ghana have resolved to stop eating human flesh henceforth.

Many see this as a good initiative as the witches prepare to take final decision on this at their national conference slated for the last quarter of the year.

Unlike Ghana, witchcraft in DR Congo has become very attractive after practitioners took a bold step to organise witches and wizards conference to showcase their magical powers by flying in the skies in broad daylight.

They wish to push government to recognise their craft as one that can bolster economic growth.

Essentially, the Congolese witches and wizards have appealed for licence to operate freely.


They want to move away from eating human meat to contributing more to economic development.

ADVERTISEMENT is working around the clock to speak with President of the Ghana Witches and Wizards Association to find out if they have any plans to stop chewing human beings.


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