Monday, November 28, 2022

Security Guard Caught Having Hot S?x With Master’s 15-Year-Old Daughter


A Nigerian security guard identified as Samuel Maikasuw has been arrested by the police for allegedly having multiple s?xual interc0urse with employer’s teenage daughter and impregnating her in the process.

Samuel, 20 is in the custody of the Ikorodu division of the Lagos State Police Command.

The suspect, according to reports served as a security man at one Ms. Fadiji’s house. ‘He was once caught with the minor last year and was severely warned never to come near the little girl again and he apologised‘.

Samuel ‘was later transferred to the shop of the landlord’s wife who later converted him to a sales boy’.

But the move did not stop him from getting closer to his employer’s 15-year-old daughter.


He got arrested right after having a hot session with the victim.


Police said ‘It is not just as simple as saying he [Samuel Maikasuw] impregnated someone. Under the law, it is defilement. He defiled a minor. The issue is still being investigated’.



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  1. Emmanuel Osei Akoto says:

    At times when you are talking about two people in the scene, try and include both pictures.

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