Thursday, December 1, 2022

Jackie Appiah ‘Fly Out’ Of Ghana Over ‘Investigations’ Into The Source Of Her Expensive Mansion 





Jackie Appiah’s alleged luxurious apartment at East Legon has become the talk of town for some days now.

Video of the mansion has caused a stir on social media after Jackie’s friend recorded herself on a tour inside the heaven-looking building.

Many have questioned the actress’ source of wealth saying Jackie Appiah doesn’t earn enough money from acting to own such a magnificent property.


They assume some ‘big men’ sponsored her.

But close associates of Jackie Appiah insist she runs other businesses from where she got the funds to build the house, which took nearly 10 years to be completed.


Well, Jackie Appiah has been spotted in a viral photo sitting at the airport obviously prepared for a trip.

It is unclear where she is travelling to.

Jackie Appiah has been advised to address concerns over the ownership of the well publicised property.


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