Monday, November 28, 2022

7,200 Penīses Shipped From Nigeria To China Seized At Port


Chinese customs officers are reported to have seized over 7,200 human penīses which were shipped from Nigeria to the Shanghai Port.

The human organs were hidden in a refrigerated freight container and were packaged as plantains (cooking bananas).

The customs officers acted upon a tip off.


It has emerged that armed groups in Africa are increasingly using organ trafficking to finance their activities.

Sale of human organs is a booming business and valued as high as illegal drugs.

The manh00d size which was intercepted at the port fetch around $160,000 each on the black market.


Authorities at the Chinese port say the penīses were shipped from Lagos in Nigeria but may have only transited through that country and could possibly originate from elsewhere in Africa.

The crew on the ship, four Nigerians, two Malians and two Cameronese have been  detained for interrogation. SOURCE:


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