Thursday, December 1, 2022

Cow Arrested For Killing 60-Year-Old Woman, Faces 3 Years Jail Term




A cow has been arrested for killing a 60-year-old lady in Kakamega, Kenya.

The owner of the cow has also been arrested and kept in police custody, has gathered.

A viral photo shows an ‘unperturbed’ cow tied to a big tree in front of a building suspected to be a police station.

‘I just don’t understand how some of people in Africa think honestly. How do you even begin to arrest an animal?’, one netizen reacted to the news first shared by AfricaFactZones.


‘This has got to be a joke surely. What agency does a cow have?What court will it be tried in? A court full of other cows?If this is true, Kenya you can do better’, another social media user commented.


The cow and his master are yet to be officially charged and further arraigned in court.


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