Thursday, December 1, 2022

Man Sets Fire To Church Because His Wife Kept Donating Family Money To It


A Russian man has been arrested after he set a church building ablaze on Sunday, June 26, 2022.

His wife’s a staunch member of the Church of St. Basil the Great located in the village of Pargolovo, Russia’s Petersburg district.

The man burnt down the temple as he was tired of seeing his family’s money being donated to the local church.


Prior to the incident, the father of four is claimed to have fought with his wife over her level of commitment to the church and for donating all their money to it.

Thus, on Sunday morning, ‘he put a canister of gasoline in the trunk of his car, drove down to the church, splashed the walls with fuel, and after making sure no one was inside, set it ablaze’.

Initially, many believed that faulty electrical wiring had caused the Sunday morning fire outbreak.


Some believers thought the fire at the small, wooden church was a divine sign for the parish to build a larger, more beautiful temple.

But police investigations found out the true culprit, a 36-year-old man who had allegedly decided to take revenge on the church after quarreling with his wife.


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