Saturday, October 1, 2022

S3x Worker Cut Off Colleague’s Vag!na For Snatching Her Top Paying Customer


The police have arrested a Nigerian s3x worker who allegedly cut off colleague’s vag!na in Dichemso Plaza, a popular Ashawo joint in Kumasi.

Bella, the accused inflicted wounds on Ruth  (victim) because she snatched her top paying client

Bella is reported to be the queen of all prostitutes in the Dichemso Plaza area.


She caught Ruth having an affair with the said customer despite several warnings.

Bella and her gangs attacked Ruth on the side of the road. Four of the gangs forcefully spread the victim’s leg making it easier for Bella to use a sharp blade to cut off her vag!na.

They also inflicted wounds on Ruth’s face and thighs.


Bella’s cronies are on the run after they heard their ‘master’ has been arrested.


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