Saturday, October 1, 2022

Scary! More Single Women Now Rub Vaginal Fluid On Their Body To Charm Men


Some single ladies have jumped onto a viral TikTok trend that sees women using their vaginal discharge as perfume.

The new craze called ‘vabbing’ involves women smearing fluid from their private part behind their ears, neck and wrist before stepping outside.

Most women consider this as a sexual attraction technique to use their own bodily fluids as perfume in attempt to attract a suitor.

The vabbing challenge was made popular by American Tiktokker Mandy Lee whose original video garnered 1.5million views.

Single women who engage in the vabbing challenge believe it will increase their chances of attracting men.

Doctors have issued warning against the new viral TikTok trend where women use their vaginal juice as perfume.


Gynaecologists say it could lead to serious vaginal infections and problems with fertility.


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