Saturday, December 10, 2022

Man Jailed, Ordered To Pay $1k For Urinating In His Ex-girlfriend’s Handbag


A South Korean civil court has ordered a 31-year-old man to pay his ex-girlfriend 1.5 million won (equivalent to $1,150) as damages for urinating in her designer handbag.

Prosecutors said the 31-year-old man in October 2021 got into an argument with his girlfriend.

The two were at the girlfriend’s house and started fighting about the amount of cash the woman was spending and the debts she had piled up.

At one point, the man allegedly went into the lady’s bedroom, brought out one of her Louis Vuitton handbags.

He then unbuttoned his pants and begun to pee in it right there in front of the girl.

She got upset, and subsequently filed a complaint against him at the police station.


The man initially denied the allegation, telling authorities that he had solely pretended to urinate in her ex-girlfriend’s handbag.


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