Thursday, December 1, 2022

Drunkards Association Of Ghana Launch E-Drinking App To Protect Drunkards From Being Knocked Down By Cars




The Ghana Drunkards Association has taken a bold step to save the lives of boozers.

The association has introduced the e-drinking app to make it easier for members to order their favourite alcoholic beverages without necessarily visiting the pub or drinking spot.

President of the Ghana Drunkards Association, Moses Onya alias Drybone said it is worrying that drunkards do not return home safely after having a good time at the pub.


According to him, the e-drinking app seeks to address the matter at hand.


‘Some of our members find it difficult to cross roads when they are drunk.We are bringing e-drinking into the system to prevent possible accidents’, Drybone explained in an interview on Kofi TV monitored by

He stressed ‘We shall use Ghana Card to identify those who order for drinks in order to know their age limits’. Click on link to watch video.


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