Thursday, December 1, 2022

Funeral Of Ghanaian Man Who Had 20 Wives, 30 Concubines, 111 Children And 500+ Grandkids Pulls Heavy Crowd–Photos


A Ghanaian man who married 20 wives, produced 111 children and had over 500 grandchildren has become the talk of town.


The late Wilson Gbli Nartey, a well-to-do businessman from Ningo in the Greater Accra Region reportedly passed away in September 2019 but family performed his final funeral rites on Saturday, October 1, 2022.

Gbli Nartey died at the age of 103 and left behind 30 concubines aside his 20 recognised wives.

According to information, the late Wilson Gbli Nartey was a former CEO of Modern Ghana Construction and Salt Factory.

It is believed that he solely funded most developmental projects in the Ningo area.

‘From his own pocket, he brought us electricity, roads from Old Ningo to Lekpongunor, and Tsopoli…He started the Ningo Senior High School’, a resident told a local news media.

Reports suggest that Gbli Nartey built the Ningo Health Center, the Ningo Police Station and Post Office, as well as Ningo Workers Quarters.

He also constructed the Dangme West District Assembly Office and Ningo Caustic Soda factory.


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