Thursday, December 1, 2022

Leaked Video: Husband Catches Pregnant Wife And Pastor Making Love In D0ggy S#x Position



A heavily pregnant woman, only identified as Martha, and a pastor have been caught nak3d in a  bedroom setting together.

In a trending video has sighted online, Martha is first seen in a ready-to-fire s#x position while the man she claims to be her pastor stood behind her in the room.

Their clothes were on the floor.The bed was covered with a white bed sheet. A functioning air-conditioner hanged at the bedside.

They were also surrounded by fetish items like black pots, burning red candles, and red fabric.

Martha’s husband bumped into the room. He was heard in an aggressive tone instructing them not to move.


‘On my matrimonial bed?’, he said.

The woman attempted to beg her husband while the supposed man of God immediately wore a short to cover up his nak#dness.


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