Video: Most Ladies Will Remain Single This Year Due To Their Foolìshness Not To Date A Poor Guy–Kevin Taylor

Acerbic Ghanaian journalist Kevin Taylor has gone hard on single ladies who refuse to date broke guys.

Kevin Taylor argued that the craze for money has blinded the eyes of Ghanaian ladies to find real love.

He maintained that elsewhere in the US, girls provide financial support to their partners, however in Ghana, most girls have made up their mind to befriend only well-to-do guys just so they can properly take care of their needs.


‘This childish thinking must stop’, Kevin said in Twi ‘You must also be prepared to support the guy to make the relationship work better. You are making a big mistake if you think that it’s the sole responsibility of the man to cater for your needs’.

He also advised single ladies to be sociable so that possible suitors can approach them.

The sarcasm in his voice is a whole mood. Watch the video below.




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