If You Still Want To Lìck Vagina And Not Get Infection,  Buy This Tongue Protected Condom

Health educator and researcher, Dr Paul Adu has revealed that ‘Oral sex popularly known as “Head” is …one of the most practiced type of sex in our part of the world’.

Indeed, some Ghanaians, especially the youth have contracted all forms of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) through this means.

In his humble opinion, Dr Paul Adu who claims to have special interest in STI’s, oral and anal sex wants people to abstain from oral sex.

In a tweet, he suggested that those who cannot resist going down on women should use a condom to cover their tongue.

He demonstrated how the condom can be worn safely.


Dr Adu wrote ‘If you still want to lìck vagina, look for this! Make sure no fluid touches your lips’.


SOURCE: Kasatintin.com


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