Eating Banku Wrapped In Polythene Bag Can Kill Your Manh00d-Research


Scientists have raised concerns about the continuous use of plain polythene bags for packaging banku, a popular Ghanaian dish.

According to the latest research exclusively sighted by, plastic materials including polythene bags, plastic bowls and take way packs contain harmful chemicals which is very dangerous to the health of consumers.


The scientific study was done in Ghana within a period of three years.

One of the lead researchers,Prof. Emeritus Oppong Kyekyeku who is based in the US explained in an interview with that ‘eating banku wrapped in polythene bag is proportional to smoking 136 sticks of cigarette’ adding that;

‘Scientifically, the synthetic compounds of plastic filters into the food that have been packaged. Eating it can block the veins, leading to cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, stroke and the likes’.


The scientists have advised men to avoid the intake of banku which have been wrapped in plain polythenes and other plastic materials as it can cause low sperm count and lead to permanent erectal problems.



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