Ugandan President Museveni And His First Wife Celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversary–Photos



Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni and his first wife have renewed their marriage vow after staying together for 50years.


Janet Museveni writing about the golden jubilee event held on August 26, 2023 at their home in Ntungamo said ‘Yesterday, the celebration of our 50th wedding anniversary, was a gift from God our Father. Without His goodness, our story wouldn’t exist.

As Mzee @KagutaMuseveni and I marked our golden jubilee, my heart swelled with gratitude to God for guiding my family to the right place: Ntungamo District. This is where my husband and I trace our roots, the backdrop for my childhood dreams, and the birthplace of my love for our homeland. At seventy-five, commemorating our marital milestone, no other place in Uganda could resonate more profoundly with me’.

Janet added ‘In these challenging times, the celebration of family has taken on paramount importance. It’s heartening to see so many around the world continuing to praise Him for creating the human family, the foundation from which He has blessed humanity to thrive.


I believe many would agree that at seventy-five, and with Yoweri at seventy-eight, we stand as a testament to God’s grace. Having reached the fifty-year mark in our marital journey, it’s evident our enduring bond is a reflection of God’s work. As we’ve maturedtogether, we’ve come to rely more on each other, and most importantly, on Him.Ebenezer! Truly, the Lord has brought us this far’. Click here for more photos.



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