All Visitors To Churches, Hotels, Drinking Spots Must Carry ID Card–President Museveni Tells Ugandans

President Yoweri Museveni has given a new directive to deal with terror attacks in Uganda.

On Sunday, an explosive device was safely detonated at Rubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral, a mega church in Kampala. 28-year-old Kintu Abdurahman who was in possession of the  improvised explosive device was arrested.

In his address to the nation on Thursday, President Museveni directed that it is now a mandatory for visitors entering places of worship, hotels and even drinking bars to present their identity cards as one of the measures to halt attacks from ADF rebels operating from neigbouring DR Congo.


Museveni said ‘My purpose of talking to you tonight is to tell you not to fear, we are going to defeat these people (ADF). We are working with the Congo government to hunt these people because we know who they are. So I don’t want anyone to start panicking thinking that this is insolvable’.

He added ‘You see these people [ADF] are foolish, they use people who are not known, new people in an area, which is a disadvantage to them because such people are easy to deal with.

‘For hotels and lodges take particulars of people who come there. Take photos of their ID cards ,pictures and their phone contacts. Receptionists must not allow anybody to book without showing their ID cards and recorded’.


‘No strangers entering the church. And anybody new must be reported to police. In bars, since the drinkers know each other, if anyone is new, challenge him, check him before you allow him’, Museveni warned.



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