Study Shows That Women With Big Butts Produce Smarter Children


A new study by the University of Oxford has revealed that women with big buttocks are more likely to produce smarter kids.

The Oxford research focused on larger than average backsides women numbering 16,000, claimed a news report sighted by

The researchers found a correlation between big butts and a child’s IQ, and concluded that women with big butts give birth to smarter and healthier children.


There is higher levels of ‘good’ fatty acids, specifically Omega-3 in the bodies of women who have the above average bum.

It has been proven that babies need these fatty acids for their brains to develop properly. Also, since the fats in the mother’s breast milk comes from the lower part of the body, babies whose mums are endowed with fatter bottom get a lot more of Omega-3.
The study further revealed that women with larger bums are more resistant to chronic illnesses, and tend to have lower levels of glucose and cholesterol.

Previous study done in 2007 proved that gluteofemoral fat helps in producing smart babies, hence the University of Oxford study strengthens those findings.

However, researchers have cautioned that while having a fatter bottom can be key to having genius offspring, one’s genetics and lifestyle also play a considerable role. SOURCE:


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