Why Funeral Jollof Rice Always Tastes Better Than Wedding Jollof—Read Findings Of Latest Research


Jollof rice has become a regular dish served at most weddings and funerals in Ghana,Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

The delicious aroma of jollof rice will make you salivate.

It is often argued that jollof rice served at funeral ceremonies tastes better than the jollof at wedding receptions.


Social media users have jumped on the funeral jollof vs wedding jollof debate, and the direction of the conversation shows that there is high preference for funeral jollof.

Also, interest in the jollof debate has heightened following the release of a research work on the subject matter  attributed to two Masters students of the Department of Food Sciences, University of Ife, Osun State, Nigeria.


The Nigerian students, Osemwngie Oghogho Joyce and Idehen Osagiede Daniella’s research paper is titled ‘A comparative study on why funeral jollof rice taste better than wedding jollof in the SouthWest and SouthSouth Geopolitical Zones of Nigeria’.

People are eager to read the findings of Osemwngie and Idehen’s research work, wondering, how funeral jollof rice is nicer than wedding jollof? SOURCE: Kasatintin.com


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