Woman Jailed 7 Years For Cutting Off Daughter’s Clitoris


A 40-year-old woman identified as Amina Noor has been jailed 7 years for assisting a non-UK person to remove the clitoris of her daughter.

The court heard that Noor, a Somalian but British citizen from Harrow, north-east London, travelled to Kenya in 2006 where she took her daughter (then 3 years) to a private house for the procedure.


She was convicted at the Old Bailey for taking a three-year-old British child to Kenya for female genital mutilation (FGM).

Noor explained in court that, the mutilation was done for cultural reasons, claiming she herself had been taken through the procedure as a child.

According to her, she feared she will be ‘cursed’ and ‘disowned’ by her community if she failed to hand over the three-year-old.


The victim is now 21 years. Noor has been in court since November 2018 when the victim, then 16, confided in her English teacher at school that her clitoris has been completely removed.

During the sentencing on Saturday, February 17, the judge said this is ‘truly horrific and abhorrent crime’ which has left the victim’s life ‘irrevocably altered’.  SOURCE: Kasatintin.com


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