I Once Felt The Erection Of My Father When I Hugged Him–Actress Katherine Obiang Confesses Her Sweet Mistake



Nigerian broadcaster and actress Katherine Obiang appears to be scared  of his father’s morning erection.

Katherine who was once fond of giving his father a warm hug every morning said she stopped serving him this ritual romance when she discovered that his father sustained erection through the act.


She shared her experience on the Jasiri Show while commenting on the video of film director Kunle Afolayan dancing with his daughter, Eyiyemi which has sparked heated reactions on social media.

Many say the dance was too intimate and inappropriate for a father and daughter.


Katherine expressed disapproval of the dance saying ‘Suppose as he was dancing with his daughter like that and had an erection what would happen? Because it’s normal na, he is a man.

‘When we were younger, we used to go to my dad’s room to play but in the morning when you want to hug your dad because you love how he smells, I felt an erection and I arranged myself and that was the last time because I realized at that point that playtime is over. I didn’t need to be schooled about that’. SOURCE: Kasatintin.com


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