Social Media Hot As Young Lady Uses Guy’s Manh00d As Microphone To Sing Gospel Music In Viral TikTok Video

Social media users have expressed their disappointment over a viral video on TikTok in which an unidentified young girl is captured singing Piesie Esther’s latest gospel song ‘Mo’, using an erected Manh00d as microphone.

She could sing well and sounded as one who is a member of a charismatic church choir.

It is unclear at this point if the thick-longer p3nis the lady is playing with in the video is natural or an artificial one.

But believe it; It is the type desired by many women. Indeed, some ladies on social media have confessed that it is the type reserved for strong adult women.

They feel the lady in the trending TikTok video is too young and therefore doubt her ability to handle such a loaded manh00d. In fact, they fear it would choke her to death.


More seriously, a good number of netizens have described the video as ‘blasphemy’. They have therefore advised the lady to seek forgiveness from God for staining the image of Christianity.


Others have also blamed lack of parental guidance and strict online policy as what is motivating young people to indulge themselves in immoral behavior on the internet these days.Click HERE to watch video.



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