2 Men Arrested For Raping The Dead Body Of 36-Year-Old Woman


The police have arrested two ‘weed smokers’ for allegedly raping the dead body of a 36-year-old at Sene Bokankye in the Ashanti Region.

This incident occurred on February 8, 2024.

According to report, the suspects, Kelvin Gyamfi and Samuel Addai attacked the deceased at her home while on a stealing expedition.


The deceased was asleep when they entered her uncompleted house and smashed her head twice with a cement block.

Realizing that she was dead, they took turns to have sexual intercourse with her, and also stole her mobile phone and cash of GHC42.00.


Investigators have taken swaps from the vagina of the deceased to run a DNA test on the duo.

Kevin and Samuel have been charged provisionally with conspiracy to commit murder and murder,and will appear before the court again on April 4, 2024. SOURCE: Kasatintin.com


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