22-Year-Old Man In Court Over His Missing Penis In Kasoa

A 22-year-old electrician has been put before a District Court in Awutu Breku for allegedly raising false alarm that his penis shrunk at Millennium City in Kasoa.

Michael Nelson has been charged with publication of false news and causing unlawful harm.

Nelson is said to have raised an alarm falsely that his penis was shrunken and accused Safiru Bohari, a nail technician, the complainant as one who caused it, reports local media, GNA.

Due to the accused person’s false alarm, Bohari was beaten up mercilessly by some members of the public.

Medical report proved that Nelson’s manhood was ‘stable’ and had no ‘defect’ contrary to his earlier suspicion.


He has been remanded into police custody and will reappear before the court on April 11,2024.


Rumour of penis disappearances has caused fear among residents in Kasoa and its environs. Media reports suggested that at least seven people had lost their manhood in the space of one week after being touched by suspected ritualists.

But authorities have dismissed that the rumour and warned the public to desist from spreading false news. SOURCE: Kasatintin.com


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