Shocking Video: Man Accused Of Betraying Jesus And Having Him Killed On The Cross Some 2000 Years Ago Arrested In Ghana,Taken To Sekondi Police Station



A strange video shot in the Western Region is causing waves on social media since Friday.

The video captures a man nicknamed Judas who has been arrested and sent to the Sekondi Police Station on allegation of betraying his master,Jesus.


If you are familiar with the scriptures, Jesus, the originator of Christianity was allegedly crucified on the cross after Judas betrayed him.

But Jesus resurrected from death on the third day.


The event is claimed to have happened some 2000 years ago. Christians believe Jesus shed his blood to pay for the sins of mankind.

A group gathered in front of the Sekondi Police Station to re-enact this historic event. CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO. SOURCE:


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