Man Jailed 4 Years For Removing Condom During Sex Without Lady’s Consent

A UK court has sentenced a man to four years and three months in prison for removing his condom during sex without the consent the woman.

The offence, non-consensual condom removal referred to as ‘stealthing’ is classified as rape under English and Welsh law.

Guy Mukendi, 39, from Brixton, south London was sentenced at Inner London Crown Court on Thursday for the rape of a woman which occurred last year. gathered from UK media that a young woman in Brixton reported the assault on May 9,2023.


According to information, she had consented to having sex with Mukendi as long as he wore a condom, however during the encounter, he removed the protection without her knowledge.

The victim was supported during the ‘extremely difficult time’ as soon as she first reported the incident, Metropolitan Police said.


The police further worked with the victim and obtained screenshots of messages Mukendi sent where he apologised for taking the condom off. Mukendi explained to her that he did that because he had not had sex in a long time.

Mukendi then deleted the messages. The court relied on the victim’s screenshots to secure his conviction. SOURCE:


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