Doctors Cut Off Hands Of Top Kenyan Police Officer After A Teargas He Was Throwing At Peaceful Protesters In Nairobi Blew Up While Holding It

Doctors have amputated the forearms of  Kenyan Police Chief Inspector David Maina who sustained injuries while firing teargas canister at protesters in Nairobi.

Scores of protesters have hit the street in the last few days to demand the withdrawal of new taxes to be passed by the government which will lead to an astronomical rise in the price of basic commodities including bread.

Obviously, Chief Inspector Maina was doing his job on the day of the protest but he has lost both hands now.

Medics noted that Inspector Maina had serious injuries and that no treatment or corrective surgery can restore the damage. Instead, he may need prosthetic arms to enable him to somehow live a normal life.


While some people have expressed sympathy for him, others opined that he deserved the ‘punishment’.

Sharing a photo of David Maina on his sickbed and his wife being consoled by another man, a social media user wrote: ‘He is so regretting his actions. See as he keep mouth like sabi nwa. Chai????


Meanwhile, another man has started consoling his wife right at his presence…Wetin man do man ????’. Click on this link to read more interesting comments.


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