BREAKING: Angry Protesters Break Into Kenya Parliament, Fire Gunshots And Set Part Of Parliament On Fire After MPs Passed 16% Tax On Bread And Introduced Other New Taxes

Kenya anti-finance bill protests has reached the boiling point.

Part of the Kenyan parliament house is on fire on right now.

Angry protesters set the house ablaze on Tuesday after MPs considered a new bill aimed at introducing new taxes, including 16% VAT on bread.

A sea of protesters have stormed the legislative building. MPs are believed to be hiding under the basement of the building.

Gunshots have been heard in the capital Nairobi, with at least one person dead and dozens injured.

Several bodies have littered the streets while security forces continue to throw tear gas to disperse the crowd.


Also, series of protests are taking place in other parts of Kenya, as anger surges over the new measures, BBC reported.



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