Dede Ayew Shed Tears On The Pitch

Skipper of Ghana national football team, Dede Ayew shed an uncontrollable tears after the team lost their first Group C

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Man Removes His Testicles So He Can Serve God Better–Photos

44-year old Nigerian man identified as Terhemen Anongo has reportedly removed his testicles in order to have a free mind

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Men With Big Nose Have Bigger Penis–Research Confirms

Good news for the girls out there who are looking for big cassava to eat. This is the best way

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Important Message To People Who Gossip In Taxi

If you love gossip, you must join a taxi. Check out what others feel about open gossip in taxis below:

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Study Shows Most Women Have Not Shaved Their Private Part For The Past 10 Years. Should We Be Concerned?

A new study has revealed an insightful information on why some women have stopped shaving their pubic hair in recent

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Man Sells His Testicles For $35000 Just To Buy Dream Car

A US man has sold his left testicle for $35,000 in order to buy his dream car. Mark Parisi said

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Prostitutes In Pokuase Approve Decision To Deny Police Officers Sex For 5 Years–Read Press Statement

The Pokuase Union of Prostitutes have taken a decision not to have s3xual interc0urse with officers in the Ghana Police

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Woman Divorces Husband After He Forgot To Buy Ice Cream For Her 35th Birthday (VIDEO)

Mary Asibi, a bread seller has divorced her husband for failing to buy an ice cream on her 35th birthday

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