Tasting Officer Of Ghana Drunkards Association Suspended, Banned From All Drinking Spots

The Ghana Drunkards Association has indefinitely suspended its Tasting Officer, Afreh Aboagye aka Sixty over irresponsible drinking. According to information gathered by Kasatintin.com,

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Ghana Drunkards Association Pressure Gov’t To Declare Friday As ‘National Drinking Day’–Video

The Ghana Drunkards Association has declared Friday, June 11 as National Drinking Day. According to the drunkards association President, Moses

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BREAKING: Man Dies In Drinking Competition In Tamale (See Video)

A man believed to be in his late 30s has died after participating in a drinking competition on Sunday morning

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Ghana Drunkards Association President Speaks In An Exclusive Interview With Kasatintin TV (WATCH)

President of the Ghana Drunkards Association, Moses ‘Drybone’ Onyah has touched on a number of issues in an exclusive interview

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