Ghanaian Pastor Resurrects 2 Dead Bodies At The Mortuary –See VIDEO)

Ghanaian Pastor, Ernest Addo claims he has divine powers to resurrect the dead. Pastor Addo eloquently revealed in an exclusive

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Strange: A Bird Flies Into A Hospital Ward, Turns Into Woman (Watch Video)

A bird has reportedly turned into a human being — a woman minutes after flying into a hospital ward. Some

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Woman Beats Up Husband After He Refused To Wash Her Panties And That Of Her Mother

A Ghanaian woman has reportedly beaten up her husband after he refused to wash ladies’ panties at home. The incident

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‘Koobi’ and ‘Momone’ Leading Cause Of Heart Diseases In Ghana – Doctor

Cardiologist, Dr Abdul Sahmed Tanko has revealed that excessive consumption of salted tilapia popularly known as ‘koobi’ can cause heart-related

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