Shocking–Witches Association Give $1,000 Cash To Its Hardworking Members

The leadership of the Witches Association of Ghana has rewarded its loyal and hardworking members a special event. President of

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Husbands Will Be Scarce By 2023–Research

The world is gradually heading to a point where single women will not find suitable men to marry them. The

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CAF Investigates Gabon Player Born In 1990 But Mother Died In 1985

Gabon national team player Guélor Kanga Kaku has made the headlines in the last few hours. Reports suggest Kanka Kaku

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Woman Sues Childhood Friend Over Chicken Theft Which Occurred 25 Years Ago

A Los Angeles woman Stephanie Marys has dropped a lawsuit against her childhood friend over a chicken theft which occured

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Reports Say MPs Use 10,000 Condoms Monthly

Members of Parliament (MPs) in Malawi are reported to use at least 10,000 condoms at the end of every month.

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L£AKED VIDEO: Malawi Minister Caught Having S3x With Own Driver In Her Office

A Malawian Director of Budget, working in the Ministry of Planning and Development has been caught on camera having real

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