Man Bite Off School Girl’s Clit0ris, Jailed 7 Years

A 27-year-old man will spend 7 years in prison after he was found guilty for defiling a 15-year-old student. The

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Man In Court After Using Another Man’s Penis To Impregnate 3 Women

A 33-year-old Zimbabwean man, Peter Runako has been fined for using another person’s manh00d to impregnate three women. Runako on

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Man Jailed For Shifting A Woman’s Womb During S3x

A 27-year-old Kenyan man, Sylvester Wepkhuli has been arrested and charged for his involvement in a strange case. Reports say

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Man Attacks Roommate With Cutlass For Changing Radio Station Without His Consent

A man has stabbed his roommate in the cheek with a machete over this ridiculous reason. Police confirmed that Josue Rodriguez,

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Man Jailed 16 years For Killing 21 Cats In His Neighbourhood

Robert Farmer, 26-year-old California man has been sentenced to 16 years in prison for killing 21 cats in the San

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Man Breaks Into Mortuary To Have S3x with Late Lover

A man has been arrested in Guyana for breaking into a mortuary to have sexual interc0urse with his late lover

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SAD: 3 Young Boys Accused Of Stealing To Have Their Four Fingers Cut Off (VIDEO)

Three teenage boys accused of stealing in Iran will have their fingers amputated under Islamic law. gathers that the

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Man Fined £500 for Farting In Front Of Police Officers

A man in Vienna has been fined nearly £500 for farting provocatively in front of police officers. British tabloid news

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