Man Jailed 5 Years For Stopping 2 H0rny Dogs From Having S£x On The Street

A Peruvian man is likely to spend 5years in jail for preventing two ‘foreign dogs’ from having an affair on

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Man Jailed For Shifting A Woman’s Womb During S3x

A 27-year-old Kenyan man, Sylvester Wepkhuli has been arrested and charged for his involvement in a strange case. Reports say

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Man Kìlls Friend After Fight Over Cow Milk

Adamu Jimah, herdsman has been arrested by the police over the murder of his friend, Abubakari Osman. Adamu reportedly butchered

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Man Jailed 9 Months For Beating A Guy Who Spanked His Girlfriend’s Buttocks

A Zimbabwean man has been jailed for 9 months for assaulting a stranger who spanked his girlfriend’s buttocks.  According to reports

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Man Attacks Roommate With Cutlass For Changing Radio Station Without His Consent

A man has stabbed his roommate in the cheek with a machete over this ridiculous reason. Police confirmed that Josue Rodriguez,

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Man Jailed 16 years For Killing 21 Cats In His Neighbourhood

Robert Farmer, 26-year-old California man has been sentenced to 16 years in prison for killing 21 cats in the San

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Man Jailed 2 Years For Spending 2 Million Cash Mistakenly Sent To His Bank Account

A Nigerian man, 45 has been jailed 2 years after he spent 2 million Naira cash that was mistakenly credited

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Rapist Jailed 300 Years By High Court

A serial rapist, Malibongwe Ncokolo will spend 300 years in jail after he was found guilty by the Bisho High

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Man Fined £500 for Farting In Front Of Police Officers

A man in Vienna has been fined nearly £500 for farting provocatively in front of police officers. British tabloid news

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