Pastor Stabs Wife To Death Over Ownership Of Church Property can report that a pastor, identified as Elijah Misiko has stabbed his wife to death and then sl!t his

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Pastor Arrested For Selling ‘Heaven Ticket’ To Church Members For $500 (See Video)

The police have arrested a Zimbabwean pastor after he sold ‘tickets to heaven’ to his congregation at $500 per person.

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More Single Women In Search Of Rich Husbands Just Like Osei Kwame Despite’s Son St0rm Pastor Amoateng’s Church For Miracle

Pastor Daniel Amoateng, the Ghanaian man of God who foretold the big wedding between Tracy and Osei Kwame Despite’s son

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Nigerian Businessman Dies Whiles Having An Affair With Side Chick On Valentine’s Day (See Video)

A Nigerian businessman has reportedly lost his life whiles having an affair with his side chick in a Lagos hotel

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