Saturday, December 10, 2022

Ugliest Man In The World Marries 3rd Wife (See Lovely Wedding Photos)

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47-year-old Ugandan who won the world most ugly man title in 2002 has married his third wife.

The prolific comedian, Godfrey Baguma nicknamed Ssebabi brags of being a father of seven — five children with his second wife and two with the first wife.

Baguma’s wedding with third wife was classic. His first two wives also graced the ceremony.

IMAGE: Wedding photos of Ssebabi and third wife can attest that the three wives of ugly Ssebabi are extremely beautiful.

The Uganda ugliest man is believed to be suffering from a rare, unknown medical condition.

He married his second wife after he allegedly caught his first wife cheating on him.


You may not be that handsome but the story of Beguma should give you enough hope. You will surely find love some day.

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