Russia Ukraine War: Why Africa Need 3rd World War More Than Any Other Continent (Must Read)

Nigerian politician, Adamu Garba has made a profound statement explaining the need for Africa to fully prepare itself to be involved in the 3rd World War (WW3) should there be one.

Currently, Russia forces have invaded Ukraine with Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin giving a strong warning to nations not to interfere in the brewing tension.

Video: Man allegedly selling human body parts arrested

There are fears Russia, Ukraine rivalry signifies the beginning of WW3.


Adamu Garba noted in a Facebook that Africa is wobbling in poverty and abandonment but there is an opportunity for the continent to rise up again.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential aspirant said suggested that Africa needs the 3rd World War more than any other continent to solve its socio-economic challenges.

‘Most of you do it know that Africa needs the Third World War more than every other continent on the planet.We were nothing in the first and the second, that’s why we remained poor and abandoned. WW3 is an opportunity for Africa’, Garba post read.


Read full post below.

Photo: Adamu Garba, Ex-presidential aspirant, APC



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